Westwood Farm School


3rd April 2020


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,


WFS Home LearningI can't believe that we are now 'officially' on the last day of the Spring Term - I would normally be preparing for my end of term assembly and the children and staff would be excited to have an early finish and a good rest with lots of chocolate.....!!  Instead, we are desperate to get back to school, have eaten too much chocolate already, and are keen for a routine and school work (hopefully!)


Well the good news is, although I can't keep you all away from the fridge or the chocolate, we can provide you with lots of learning and hopefully some smiles along the way....!!


I am really proud to announce the launch of our new 'sub' website - the Westwood Farm Home Learning website!!  Mr Bingham and Miss Hunter have been extremely busy over the last week setting up the structure of the site and helping everyone load their pages!  You will see some of the teachers faces or hands, hear their voices, read their messages and see all the work they have set up for you!  


We do hope you like it and enjoy seeing the new activities added every Monday - the first week's tasks are all on there now, ready for this coming Monday and then it will all be updated again on Monday 13th April. I know it is meant to be the Easter Holiday but the school continues to be open for the children of the Critical Care workers and school staff are continuing to work to provide this support as well as the home learning activities. As there is nowhere to go, we thought you may appreciate a bit more to keep you occupied!


As explained on the HT Blog page, there is no need to send anything back to us but you can keep safe anything you have done in a folder (hard or soft), and we would love to see it when we do eventually return to school. 


The teachers have all posted a little message for you - do search around in other pages to see the other teachers you know - there will be videos, photos and chats to keep in touch with you all - Miss Davies is even singing a song and playing her guitar on the Music page!!  Perhaps the adults you live with at home can send us some feedback about the website - they can email the offices and let us know what you like about it!


Well this is just a short message this week for you, as I know you will be keen to explore the new website - you will find the link here https://sites.google.com/ktssfed.org/westwood/home. There are pages for each year group so hopefully you will easily be able to find what you need.


Please remember to follow Twitter (@WFSFederation) if you haven't done already - it will remind you of different things and when new things have been uploaded. You can also Tweet us back and ask any questions about home learning and the new website if you need further support or guidance. We would also love to see/hear about what you have been learning and doing at home so you can Tweet us to let us know!


Remember too, try not to get worried or stressed out about anything - it is ok to have a bad day, but know that you will have a better day tomorrow and that this won't last forever. Don't forget, the offer is still there if you want a phone call from one of us - email or call the office and we will get back to you.


My last words sum it all up, I think (stolen, not actually mine but I loved it) .......


For those who have lost track, today is Blursday the fortyteenth of Maprilay.


Missing you all,


Mrs H x


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