Westwood Farm School

Art Curriculum

Art Lead: Mrs Gabi Balogh &  Mrs Thomas (Maternity leave)


'Every Child is an Artist.' 


At Westwood Farm, every child has the opportunity to design, experiment, create and evaluate but most of all to express themselves! We offer an Art curriculum that inspires confident learners - children with self-belief in their skills and ability. They are able to form their own views and opinions about their own artwork and the artwork of famous artists. Children will be given the opportunity to express themselves creatively, by being adaptive and flexible in their approach to challenges, and to be able to reflect on their mistakes.   


We have created a curriculum that develops children’s skills and knowledge through five core areas of art and design. 

  1. Drawing 
  2. Colour 
  3. Form 
  4. Printing 
  5. Pattern 

Our curriculum follows a progression model, where children build on their skills and knowledge as they move through the school. All year groups will explore an aspect of Form (including clay and mod roc) alongside two other core areas (either colour and printing or drawing and pattern). Whilst exploring a core area, the children will be introduced to the work of a relevant artist or architect e.g. in Years 1, 3 and 5 children will explore the core area of colour through the work of various artists including Stephanie Peters, Matisse and Vincent van Gogh.  


In KS2, children are provided with an A3 sketch book that they will use throughout their time in the Junior School. The sketchbooks are used to design, observe, experiment, review and revisit ideas, and improve their mastery of drawing and painting. Using their sketchbooks, the children will be encouraged to evaluate key pieces of work and discuss how they are similar/different to the work of the linked artist.

Mask Making

Mask Making






Greek Mask Making



Greek Mask Making





Year 6 Mask making



  Year 6 Mask Making