Westwood Farm School

History Curriculum

History at Westwood Farm

History Lead: Miss Ritchie

 We aim to provide children with engaging, hands on lessons that will encourage a life-long love of History. Our History content follows the National Curriculum guidelines.

 Within History lessons, children will develop their knowledge of key figures and events in both British and global history (including the Stone Age to Iron Age, the Roman Empire and World War Two). Alongside this, classes will hone their enquiry skills through exploring artefacts, investigating historical records and sequencing events.

Throughout the year, classes engage in exciting trips to bring their classroom learning to life and further develop historical and geographical skills. Annual topic-based trips include: Henley River and Rowing Museum (‘Land Ahoy!’ – Year 2), London Natural History Museum (‘Tremors’ – Year 3), Pitt Rivers Museum (‘Journey to the USA’ – Year 4), Ufton Court (‘Pharaohs’ – Year 5) and Reading Museum (‘Revolution’ – Year 6).