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The Westwood Farm Schools are located in Tilehurst, West Reading.

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Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils

It’s all about Year 6…….!

Well what a wonderful year it has been for our Year 6 children – not only did they perform brilliantly in their Lion King production and their Leaver’s Assembly but they had a wonderful time and behaved beautifully at their Leaver’s Party!  I have said it a few times now but they have been the best Year 6 group I have ‘inherited’ as a Headteacher for a long time – they have been a real asset to our school and a credit to you their parents and I shall really miss them!  In addition to all that but by no means the most important – they have excelled in their SATs this year too and their results were the best the school has had for a while so they should be leaving us today feeling very proud!

I have also just seen their wonderful Yearbook – fantastic to see the photos of when they were very little! I would just like to finish gushing with a repeat of my section of their yearbook - so apologies if you have read this twice but it is good to re-emphasise how I feel!

 Dear Year 6

I know now you are all keen to move on to your Secondary schools as you have already ‘outgrown’ your Primary school, but I know you will eventually look back on your days at Westwood Farm as good ones!  

Come back and see us soon – we always love to hear how you are getting on.

Try to remember all we have given you to equip you for the changes you are about to face – you may need these ‘tools’ in the future;

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • A sense of adventure
  • Perseverance
  • Tolerance
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • The ability to make choices and think for yourselves
  • A sense of what you want to achieve
  • Good friends 

….. and most importantly…..

  • A sense of humour! 

 Remember, no-one can do everything but everyone can do something!  

Missing you all, already!

 The Big Mosaic Path Competition

Kat Clark, our passionate and wonderful ‘Gardening and Forest Schools’ mum is launching a fantastic competition over the summer for which we are giving some lovely prizes (more details to follow next term on what these are)!

The competition is to design a square to represent your class in the mosaic path planned for the FS/KS1 garden (maybe if we have enough entries we can also plan to create one in KS2 too). Please read the letter from Kat attached with this newsletter to see the details on what to do.

 Year 1 Carnival dance

On Monday Year one put on a carnival to celebrate the end of their topic unit. The children looked fantastic in their extravagant headdresses and they played their home-made instruments as they danced around the playground led by Mrs Fullbrook who showed some impressive moves.


I cannot believe that this is my final Newsletter of the year – how fast this year has flown by – I know it is an old saying but I really have had so much fun which really has made the time fly faster…!

When I first started I was told that you would all expect a newsletter every week and I did think – I am never going to manage that and I will wean everyone off it I am sure….!  However I have strangely come to love writing them – it takes time but it is a really good way to reflect on the week and to tell you all the lovely things that I am so proud of at our school!  So…..I do hope you have enjoyed reading them and coping with my silly jokes and massive over-use of exclamation marks…?!!!!!! 

Have a wonderful Summer – I am certainly looking forward to it – but I am also looking forward to September and not being so ‘new’ and knowing a few more of the Westwood Farm ways! 

A big ‘official’ thank you to all the staff who have coped with a lot of change this year as well as having to get used to the new ‘boss’ and all her funny ways……!!  Also a big thank you to our wonderful governing body who have been very supportive and appropriately challenging all year.  A big thank you to the few lovely ladies of the PTA who are already trying to plan our first big event of next year – the Autumn fayre (advanced date for your diary – Saturday 14th October 2pm!). We will be doing a big recruitment drive next term as we do really need some more helpers and we will be hopefully hosting some great events for you to enjoy and spend money at, to help fund some much-needed things for our children.

Lastly a big thank you to all of you – you are a wonderful group of parents who have been very supportive; who have challenged me appropriately when it has been due and not taken my time away from my most important job in running the school!  You have produced a wonderful set of children who are all a real credit to you! To those of you who have more young children on the way or whose little ones are starting school in the not too distant future – keep them coming!  As Whitney Houston sang – the children are our future and we can’t have our wonderful school without them!!!

Have a great rest from my silly and soppy words – see you all in September!